4 General Hazards During Pest Control

gilbert pest controlHaving pests in your home is a very tough situation. They are troublesome to remove and can easily cause an infestation in your house, which is why there is a need to utilize pesticides. You could use pesticides for agricultural purposes, or you wish to remove those pesky pests from ruining your home. Though they can be handy, they also bring with them some risks and hazards when used.

General Hazards of Pest Control

Pesticides contain hazardous and poisonous chemicals which could cause problems when not properly used.

  1. Respiratory Hazards. Pesticides that are in the form of solids or powders may generate dust which you could inhale and would then enter your respiratory system.
  2. Skin Irritation. When in liquid form, pesticides may end up on your skin, which could cause skin inflammation, redness, and burns.
  3. Possible Blindness. In whatever way it comes in, pesticides could get on your eyes, irritate them and if not addressed quickly, could get you blind.
  4. Bites. Doing pest control entails a lot of crawling or going into cramped spaces which may house a lot of insects, rodents or even snakes that may have rabies or venom.

Other than these general hazards, there is a location-specific one. When working in hot places, you could get a heat illness or heat stroke.

Safety Procedures

Here are some procedures that could help you prevent or avoid the hazards mentioned above:

  1. Never forget to wear the proper personal protective equipment
  2. Make sure that the respirators are a perfect fit on you
  3. Area to work on should be well-lit
  4. Drink water regularly

Consider Hiring Professionals

There are many ways you can do pest control on your own, but the most reliable and most efficient way is to have professional pest control companies deal with it.

Gilbert Pest Control provides services in eradicating a variety of pests in both commercial and residential places. They utilize equipment and technologies that are updated and advanced to keep up with the global advancements. The company’s technicians are well-trained and are knowledgeable about the proper techniques and the appropriate usage of the different equipment.

Pest control is a challenging and complicated process, which is why you would need the services of the professionals. Gilbert Pest Control ensures that you get the best services to rid your home of these pesky pests.


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