Carpet Squares Were Cheaper And Achieved The Look I Wanted

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I was looking to get new flooring and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to get. I had to replace the carpet in my home because it was outdated and just didn’t look nice at all. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get carpet again or if I wanted to get something different all together.

I went to a local carpeting store to see what kind of options I had. I looked at all the different varieties of carpeting they had and also vinyl and wood flooring. After looking around I notice that they had carpet squares. I wasn’t really sure if this was something you could get in your home or if it was more of a commercial thing. I did notice the price was cheaper so I asked a sales associate about the use of these squares. They said they are used in residences and people use them to give their flooring a different look. The associate then showed me how people use them and some of the designs people do with them in their homes. After seeing how nice these carpet squares looked in homes, I decided that I wanted to do something like this. I told the sales associate how big my room was that I needed carpeting in and they said they could get me set up with an installer to do the work for me. I told them this was something I thought I could do myself with the help of a few friends. I bought the squares and took them home. Then I started researching how to get these carpet squares installed and what all I would need to do. After watching a few videos and looking over the instructions, I decided that I would call my friends to let them know about the latest project I wanted to do and bought the materials for. All of the friends I talked to said they would help and one of them had even installed carpet squares before.

I couldn’t wait to get this party started and made arrangements that weekend to get together with my friends. We were able to get the old carpet taken out and the new carpet squares put in just the way I wanted. I am really happy with how this project turned out and I love the unique look of it in my home.

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