The Best Way To Pack Handbags When Moving Houses

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Handbags are a lady’s prized possession. Whether it was purchased or given by a friend, most owners want to ensure that the bags don’t get damaged during the move.

Why should you carefully pack handbags? First, its to avoid scratches and preserve the material for future use. Second, packing the right way saves you from the heartache of seeing valuable items go to waste.

Lucky for you, moving company bartlett tn shows you the best way you can pack your handbags.

#1: Remove All Items Inside The Bag

It’s vital to remove all items from the handbag, even if you might use it once the moving process is over. The critical part of the process is the transport, wherein boxes are on top of each other. The weight of other items can put pressure on things inside the bag, eventually creating creases or staining the material. Also, if you don’t remove sharp objects, it can cut through the bag.

#2: Fill The Bags With Paper

To maintain its original shape, and reduce the risk of having creases, fill the bags with crumpled paper instead. The crumpled paper poses no risks of damaging the bags, and it also helps decrease any wear and tear. On the other hand, you may also use excess clothing or fabrics, as long as you can maintain the item’s shape.

#3: Use A Specialized Spray

A bag spray is essential, especially for those that are of leather. Leather deteriorates over time, which is why many have invented a spray that can protect the surface from getting torn off. The process of moving can contribute to the risk of damaging the surface, so make sure you find a reputable brand that can ensure the protection of your handbags.

#4: Wrap The Bags Individually

Before placing them in boxes, use bubble wrap for protection. Secure them in place by using packing tape, and pack the handbags along with other lightweight objects. Although these handbags are not fragile, it’s best to inform the moving company that the box of bags should not be underneath heavyweight items. 

Packing has never been this easy, thanks to moving company bartlett tn!