December 4, 2021


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Can You Lose All Your Money in Bitcoin?

1 key aspect for both bitcoin and gold is that in creating both of them, there’s absolutely no accountability involved. National currencies are issued with interest attached, so there’s a responsibility to the issuer of the currency. The currencies due to being leveraged can also be”delisted” or have their value changed, devalued or swapped for other currencies. With Bitcoin, there might have to be consensus among the players in order for this to take place.

Can You Lose All Your Money in Bitcoin?

Gold is nature’s cash, and since it was discovered, there is no one really in charge of how it functions. Gold also has the history of being used as cash for tens of thousands of years in virtually every culture and society. Bitcoin does not have this standing. The internet, technology and electricity grid are necessary for Bitcoin to function, whereas gold just is. The value of gold is based on what it is being exchanged for. The value of Bitcoin is similar to purchasing a stock or a great: It is set by what the buyer and seller agree it is worth.

Bitcoin Issues

Are there any regulatory, institutional or systemic risks with Bitcoin? The answer is yes. Imagine if a lot of central banks or governments took over the Bitcoin issuance? Could this not lead to control problems that could either discontinue the Bitcoin trades or impair them? What if the justification was to stop terrorism or illegal actions? There are also technology issues like who controls the internet, the electrical energy involved in mining Bitcoins, or additional issues in infrastructure (the electric grid, the atomic grid, the internet servers, the telecom firms etc.)

Regulatory risks may also run the gamut from restricting who buys Bitcoins, the number of could trade daily or maybe issuing trillions of units of fiat currency and purchasing and selling Bitcoins with them which would cause convulsions in the costs of the unit, resulting in mistrust and lack of usage?

Gold does not have these shortcomings. Once it’s mined, it can’t get ruined. It isn’t reliant on infrastructure, technology or some other institution to allow it to be valid. Since it’s small and portable, it can be taken everywhere and still be useful without any other mechanism required. The prevailing institutions may be changed many times and gold will still be valuable.

Gold is a traditional safe haven since it does bitcoin evolution review not need institutions to exist, is quite hard to forge, cannot be ruined by the components and doesn’t have problems of access or restrictions. Physical theft and restriction may be variables, but gold imports better than currencies or digital currencies at this point in time.